What To Look For In A House Renovations Company


What To Look For In A House Renovations Company: A Primer

Tackling a house renovation isn’t easy, inexpensive, or without having to call upon other people. Odds are high that you will need the help of a house renovations company that has a lot of experience in the exact type of renovations you are wanting. But what should you look for? Below we’ve put together the four key points you should make sure your potential home renovation company can meet – before you hire them.


1. Experience And Licensing

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Perhaps the most important thing you could need in a house renovation company is making sure that they are qualified to work on your project. When you are collecting quotes, make sure you spell out exactly what you want renovated. Are you adding on a new bedroom or bathroom? Are you renovating your kitchen? Will a lot of plumbing or electrical work be involved? Make sure you not only get someone with proper licensing, (here are some guidelines about the NZ government building industry licensing) but also that they have a lot of experience and expertise in what you’re renovating. Some companies are pros at kitchen remodels but aren’t very good at adding new wings to your house. Others can do anything that doesn’t involve a lot of plumbing, but if you need a new kitchen or bathroom you may be in trouble. Always do your homework first.

2. Price And Rates

Of course, the next thing you want to know is how much this is going to cost you. Sometimes you might be tempted to go with a cheaper deal, but you have to keep in mind the old adage, “You get what you pay for!” It may be better to wait a longer to save up money instead of going with someone cheaper to get it done faster. You may end up paying for repairs later on that will end up matching the cost of a more expensive company in the first place.


Still, you should always get quotes and go with what is best for you and your wallet. Any company that won’t give you a quote isn’t one worth working with.


3. Estimated Time Until Completion

This ties into the point before and the one below. You want to know how long a company thinks it will take to do your project. You don’t want to be waiting around six months if another company could have done it in one or two.


4. Number Of People Working On Your Project

If you live alone or have small children and pets, you will definitely want to know how many people are going to work on your project, and for how long. You may not be comfortable having a bunch of strangers around your child for more than a couple of weeks, working on one of your bathrooms. Most companies should tell you exactly how many people will be on site and how long they will be there each day. Try to schedule them to be there while your children are at school. That said, unless you have a reason to absolutely trust them, you should have at least one member of your family there to supervise and make sure nothing shaky happens.


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Choosing which house renovation company to go with can be daunting, but we hope that our tips have helped you in making the best decision for you, your project, and your family. Keep in in mind the costs, the licensing, the expertise, the insurance, and how long they will be there, and you are sure to have a smooth transition in your new home.


For Auckland house renovations, this company, Repair and Restore Builders, has a good reputation. Good luck with your upcoming project!




Finding A Quality Home Building Company In Auckland


Best Tips For Finding A Quality Home Building Company In Auckland

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While buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life, deciding to have one constructed is even more difficult. There are thousands of decisions that need to be made including colours to pick out, types of moulding, flooring, carpeting, windows, heating systems, and even landscaping, that all need to be decided if you’re going have a home built. The first thing that you have to do is find a good quality, honest, homebuilder that won’t take your money and run off. You’ll want somebody that has been established in the area and has a repertoire of happy customers, plus a reputation for listening to his buyer’s wishes. Just how do you find the perfect house builder for what is possibly the last home you’ll ever buy? Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to find just such a homebuilder for your dream home.

Ask about house builders

Probably the best place to start looking is with friends, family and neighbors who have recently had a house built or know of someone who has. It is important to listen to several different people, whether or not they were happy with their homebuilder, in order to find out why they were unhappy and what you could do to avoid the problems that they had. And it’s just as important to know who the bad homebuilders are in your area to stay clear of, as it is to find a good one to do business with. Keep paper and pencil in hand as you talk to your friends and make a list. Another good place to ask his long-time established real estate brokers in your area, as many of them sell new homes freshly built by contractors. These kinds of professional contacts are especially important in the home building industry. Always ask whether the homebuilder was good at meeting his deadlines, sticking to his budget, and complying with the wishes of the client.

Is the house builder accredited?

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The next step in your research is to go online and find out if each one of the homebuilders on your list has web pages where they post their contact details, Master Builder and Licensed Builders Practitioners accreditations and customer reviews. Plus, many house builders offer a homeowners warranty that will cover mistakes that are made during construction of the home. Building a home involves dozens of different skills using many different construction materials so there will always be some mistakes and unforeseen defects caused by imperfections in building materials. A good quality builder will make appointments to come back and check his completed homes after you’ve moved in, just to make sure there hasn’t been any settling of the foundation, or twisting of wooden studs as they dry out. And, be sure and read through any customer reviews that are on the website, keeping in mind it is sometimes possible to delete poor reviews.

Look at new house builds in your area

Another method that is sometimes overlooked but very important in finding a good builder, is ask for a list of other houses that he has completed in the area. Then take the time to go and knock on a few doors to find out how satisfied his previous customers really are, always asking questions about his timeliness, follow through, and responsiveness to their concerns, throughout the building process. Once your list has been narrowed down to just a couple of home building contractors, then make appointments with each one of them individually to get an overall feel of how well they communicate and how happy they are to show you their credentials and references. This final step will usually be the clincher, if you’ve done all your research and ask plenty of questions along the way.

One Auckland house builder that certainly has some very impressive video testimonials is Repair and Restore. A quick look at the high-profile people who give their very strong approval shows this building company is definitely one that can be trusted to give you an excellent new home.

And there you have a blueprint for finding a quality house builder in Auckland. Get some more details here. Remember, a little footwork and plenty of questions will save you hours of problems in the future.