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Three Checks For Selecting An Auckland House Renovations Company

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Major renovation not only adds a lot of value to your Auckland villa but it also makes your life ,ore comfortable as you add better building material and appliances to your home. However, few people have the ability to renovate their villa or bungalow on their own, particularly if the works are going to be structural such as tearing down internal walls or extending beyond the current external walls. As a result, homeowners need to hire an Auckland house renovation company to do the job for them. However, finding a suitable building firm you can rely on is not an easy task so read the following to get some ideas on how to check for a reliable building company.

It is important to understand that every construction project, whether it is building a house from scratch or a major renovation project like restoring an old villa, is going to have its ups and downs. Your goal, when choosing a villa renovation company, should be to choose the right contractor, who can help you in turning your house renovation dreams into a reality.

Most of the times choosing a housing renovation contractor is like choosing any other service provider. But, in a major renovation project, the consequences of a poor workmanship can be very costly and time-consuming. Given the high demand and increasing property prices in the central Auckland suburbs like Grey Lynn, Remuera and Ponsonby, it is really important that the work is carried out to a very high standard. Buyers are willing to pay top-dollar but they are also more discerning and will choose a villa that has been restored to the best quality over one where corners have been cut.

To choose the right contractor for your renovation project, you need to start making a list of experience bungalow and house renovations specialists. You will find tens of building companies listed in your area with a few simple searches on the big search engines. In addition to the search engines, you may also check various discussion forums and Yellow Pages. Friends and family is who had their own home renovation done can be a good source of recommendations.

Once you have a list of 4 to 5 potential companies, it is time to go to work and speak to all of them individually. It is important not to decide only on the basis of online reviews or experience of one person with a contractor. You should also feel comfortable with the contractor themselves. After all, they will be working in your home for many weeks.

Some of the basic questions you may ask the contractor are the estimated cost, time for completion and their start date. If they can start immediately, that is a red-flag because if they are any good then they should have existing projects on the go. There are many other important questions that you need to ask such as their accreditations, insurance, references and various certifications.

Check the Certifications and Professional Qualifications

A professional building contractor always believes in continuous training. Therefore, these professionals continue to invest in their own and their team’s training. Building technology keeps changing and there are also a lot of changes in the building codes. A building contractor who takes education seriously is likely to be updated with the new technology available in the field and also, new changes made to the building codes. If the builder is a Licensed Building Practitioner they will have to undergo regular training to maintain their accreditation.
This will ensure that you are getting your work done with the use of the best technology available at the time.

Check the Insurance

Insurance is very important. Building sites suffer from many safety issues, from small to major injuries. These can affect not only the construction workers but passers-by and also your neighbours property. Therefore you need to check the company holds current public liability insurance as well as the coverage for injuries sustained by anybody who is affected by the works. It is important to keep in mind that unfortunate incidents are part and parcel of any construction project. While injuries during a villa renovation project are not common, but you need to be safe and insurance offers you this protection. If you builder is an accredited Master Builder, they are required to carry a valid and up-to-date insurance policy to cover these potential eventualities. A professional builder will not mind you asking to see their insurance certificate and the best one will probably show you without being asked.



Check References for House Renovation in Auckland

It is important to ask the contractor for examples of their previous work. A professional and experienced Auckland villa renovation company will not shy away from sharing a few of their completed projects. With the permission of the owners, you may request the contractor to get a personal look at their work. However, be sure to ask for comparable projects to look at. If the builder has only worked on building brand new houses they may not have the skills or staff to carry out the tasteful and sympathetic renovation to your villa.

If you are not able to take a personal look at the previous work done by the contractor, you need to at least talk to the homeowners. It will give you some insights into their experience with the contractor. You may ask them about whether the contract was easy to work with and whether they completed the job within the budget and on time, in a satisfactory manner.

Summing up – finding an Auckland house renovation company

These are some of the tips you need to keep in mind while selecting an Auckland villa renovation company. Renovation can be a very costly project and if you do not choose the right contractor, it may turn into a nightmare in terms of both time and money.

One final tip, which seems small but can quickly become irritating if you are living in the premises while it is being renovated, is to check whether the contractor cleaned up the work site at the end of each work day.

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