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A Good Business Depends on a Strong Warkworth Commercial Lawyer

What is Commercial Law?

The fundamental guidelines for merchants and those involved in commerce to govern transactions and for conduct with other merchants is classified as commercial law. It refers to matters pertaining to rights, relations and things like merchandising, commerce and trade. This kind of law also covers things like contracts, terms of trade, shareholder agreements and many more.  It is a broad are and before you start any business, you ought to consult a Warkworth commercial lawyer for advice.


Commercial law includes legal issues, but it can exclude specific legal issues, as well depending on the situation.  Therefore, this kind of law should be viewed with a focus on its intended purpose. Commercial law takes care of issues to prevent the need for any court action. If your Warkworth commercial lawyer has done a good job for you, then you will be able to focus on your business rather than being concerned about any possible issues with suppliers or customers.


What are the Elements of a Contract?

An agreement between parties is a contract. The foundation of commercial law are contracts, which are fundamental for business and marketing. A legitimate contract is required for a guarantee of duties between parties.  Without it, there is no valid agreement.


Trust and responsibility cannot be replaced with a contract.  However, if a party feels it is wronged, a contract gives one an assurance of legal action. With the system of rules in place, each party has a right to legal action if necessary and can refer to a contract to move on that legal action.


What will put a contract into action?  These three elements; offer, acceptance, and consideration, plus any specific rules which must be followed for an offer to be valid.


First, it has to be sent to an identified party and terms must be included. These terms must be clearly laid out or understood by both parties.


Second, the offer also has to include an intent to enter into the agreement from both parties.  Furthermore, it must be properly accepted by both parties.  The term “purported acceptance” is a counter-proposal that only offers new terms.


Third, a consideration in a contract is the final element.  Consideration means a bargained for exchange.  Another way to describe it is a party that promises to do something for the other party.  It is done in exchange for some benefit.


What are Third Party Contract Issues?

A third party is someone who was not present when the two parties made the agreement.  Therefore, it is not uncommon to see contract issues that affect third parties.   As a result, legal problems can naturally occur and a contract lawyer must understand what these legal problems are and how to address them.


Warkworth commercial lawyerTo look at an example; a bank gives a borrower a loan and then the rights to collect on this loan is sold to another company by the bank.  In this scenario, does the borrower have an obligation to the third party, even if no contact was ever made with them?  Furthermore, if the borrower fails to make payments, does the company have a right to sue the bank for gross breach of contract?  A qualified commercial lawyer is a person who can answer all of these questions and more.  He or she has been legally trained and educated to understand all of the various aspects of commercial law.


Contacting a Warkworth Commercial Lawyer

Whether you are an up-and-coming business or one that has been around for years, you may find a case of commercial law in front of you.  It may very well be a situation where only a qualified Warkworth commercial lawyer can help.